Tax Planning – Premium

At 406 Consulting LLC, we go beyond traditional tax planning services. We understand that meticulous bookkeeping is the foundation of effective tax management. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to not only optimize your taxes but also ensure that your financial records are accurate, organized, and in compliance with regulatory standards.

Annual Tax Planning Meeting:

We will meet annually to discuss your tax plan and answer any of your tax-related questions.

Personalized Tax Plan:

We will provide a personalized, outlining an estimate of taxes dues and outline potential tax savings opportunities.

Legal Entity Review and Optimization:

We will review your entity structure and determine if any tax elections should be made for your entity to optimize your taxes

Owner Payroll Allocation:

We will review the performance of the business and the planned owner(s) compensation and determine how much of the owner(s) compensation should be paid through payroll and distributions.

Quarterly Safe Harbor Tax Estimates:

We will provide you with quarterly safe harbor calculations based on your prior year tax return.

Tax Planning – Premium



  • Annual Tax Planning Meeting
  • Current Year Personalized Tax Plan
  • Legal Entity Review and Optimization
  • Owner Payroll Allocation
  • Retirement Plan Review
  • Quarterly Safe Harbor Tax Estimates
  • Quarterly Business Review
  • Quickbooks Online System Review

Our Integrated Approach

1.Personalized Solutions:

  • Tailored tax plans based on your unique financial situation
  • Strategic income deferral
  • Maximizing deductions and credits
  • Comprehensive business and personal tax planning

2.Expert Bookkeeping Record Review:

  • Examination of financial records
  • Identification and correction of discrepancies
  • Compliance with accounting standards