Individual 1040

At 406 Consulting LLC, we understand that preparing your individual tax return (Form 1040) is more than just filling out forms; it’s about maximizing deductions, minimizing liabilities, and ensuring compliance with the ever-changing tax laws. Our dedicated team of tax professionals is here to simplify the process for you, offering expert 1040 tax return preparation services tailored to your unique financial situation.

Personalized Tax Return:

We understand that every tax return is unique. Our services are tailored to your specific financial goals, ensuring a personalized approach to your tax needs.

Income Optimization:

We identify opportunities to optimize your income reporting, taking advantage of available deductions and credits to minimize your tax liability.

Credits and Incentives:

We ensure that you benefit from all applicable tax credits and incentives, such as education credits, child tax credits, and energy-efficient home credits, to enhance your overall tax position.

Deduction Maximization:

Our team explores every available deduction to maximize your potential tax savings, whether related to homeownership, education, medical expenses, or other eligible categories

Quarterly Safe Harbor Tax Estimates:

We will provide you with quarterly safe harbor calculations based on your prior year tax return.

Typical Forms for Business or Rental Income

  • 125 *Schedule C or E under $100K revenue or Expenses
  • $225 *Schedule C or E up to $1million in revenue or Expenses
  • $25 Auto expense Worksheet
  • $30 Home Office deduction – Form 8829
  • $50 Depreciation $1.50 for each item listed
  • $65 Sale of business property form 4797
  • $50 Installment sales
  • $200 Convert LLC to S-Corp

Additional charges on income,revenue or expenses over 1million $375 Tax Planning

Individual 1040



  • Standard return without additional schedules
  • Up to three W'2/1099's
  • Electronic filing of tax return to IRS and State taxing authorities
  • Includes one state return

This includes:

  • Standard return without additional schedules
  • Up to three W’2/1099’s
  • Electronic filing of tax return to IRS and State taxing authorities
  • Includes one state return
  • $50 EIC
  • $30 Itemized deductions
  • $40 Schedule D – Capital Gains and Losses
  • $25 Foreign Tax Credit -form 1116
  • $20 Child and Dependent Care Exp – Form 2441
  • $15 IRA early withdrawal penalties – From 5329
  • $50 Dependents
  • $20 Additional Child tax credit – form 8812
  • $15 HSA – Form 8889
  • $20 Noncash Charitable Contributions – Form 8283
  • $20 Residential Energy Credit – Form 5695
  • $25 Premium Tax Credit – Form 8962
  • $25 Capital asset Disposition – Form 8949
  • $75 Each additional State
  • $25 K1’s $25 per K1
  • $75 Accounting work billed at $75 per hour
  • inquire on pricing for forms not listed